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By | 7 August, 2018

YouTube is the best video–sharing website in the world with a wide variety of videos that can be searched easily. How can you download YouTube Videos to your computer? Here are some simple ways to help you save your favorite videos from this channel.

Top 3 best ways to download YouTube Videos

1. Using Youtube Downloader HD software 

Advantages of Youtube Downloader HD

  • Excellent quality selections
  • Support batch downloads.
  • Display the browser file to choose where to save video on your computer.
  • Automatically resume to download if failed.

Besides, YouTube Downloader HD allows to convert video format to be compatible with mobile devices.

Download YouTube Downloader HD and Manual: click here

2. Using – an online video downloader tool allows to download both quickly and easily with no need to install any applications.

Follow the step-by-step instructions as below:

Step 1: Go to Paste your copied YouTube video link that you want to download in the textbox.

Wait a few seconds to display video’s information.

Step 2: Select video quality and choose “Download in web” or “Download in app” to save the video to your computer right away.

TIP: Another way to move quickly to the page is that you only need to edit YouTube URL by adding “SS” before the word “YouTube” and press Enter.

3. Using  – The YouTube video downloader at is another website like

Visit the page on YouTube and edit URL by deleting the word “ube” in “youtube”. Then, press Enter to go to the download page.

Edit the URL by deleting the word “ube”

To get started quickly without any customizations:

  1. Select video format MP3 (audio), MP4 (video), GIF (image)
  2. Pick the quality option.
  3. Tap <Record> to download the YouTube video to your computer.

The really useful feature that allows you to select download format MP4 (video) or MP3 (music) with no need to using any YouTube video converter is the key advantage of this method.

Here are Top 3 simplest ways to download YouTube videos MP4 to your computer. Hope this help you download and enjoy your favorite videos.


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