Photoshop CS6 Portable full free download – no installation needed

By | 15 March, 2022

As we all know, Photoshop is the famous  Adobe graphic software that is being used most widely today globally. Among the versions of photoshop released since the 90s, photoshop cs6 is a relatively stable version, which is highly appreciated by many users.

However, as a software with a relatively large size, complicated in installation, and complicated in copyright issues, it will be a bit difficult for newbies to get acquainted. But with Photoshop Cs6 portable, it’s different, you can use it right away without having to go through any installation or crack steps.


  • Small size, about 103MB (full photoshop cs6 install is about 1.32GB)
  • Fully functional to use as a full installation requirement
  • Use immediately without installation, does not take up hard drive space to install.


  • Not completely stable, occasional glitches. However, it does not affect your photo editing process.

This software has brought more magic into the world of editing. Its mercury Graphics Engine enables the user to perform very fast. Get this app and retouch your images and make them more accurate. There is an alternative Photoshop CS extended is also available with same features you can also get it.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Portable has got a very interesting and handy interface. Its other functions have also become more enhanced like cropping, resizing, etc. this version has now much better content-aware functionality. You will experience its new features named as the content-aware move which automatically fills the blank space after moving the position of images.

Photoshop CS6 Portable (32-bit)

Photoshop CS6 Portable (64-bit)

Please note that you should download the correct version for the operating system you are using. After downloading to your computer, you can unzip and start the file  <PhotoshopCS6Portable.exe> and you can use it right away without having to install it.

Run the file “PhotoshopCS6Portable.exe”.

Very simple and convenient. I believe Photoshop CS6 portable will save you a lot of time and effort. However, for professional photo editors who often have to use Photoshop, I still recommend using the full installation to ensure stability for work.

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