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By | 12 September, 2020


You can choose any menu you want.
Vie wer – photo viewer screen.
Editor – screen where you can select a photo, edit it and save it.
Batch Editor – yo u can put a frame, add text or set a filter to the selected photos.
Page – make one photo by merging multiple photos at the page frame (you can group multiple
pictures into the desired shape then can edit the picture resulting from grouping).
Combine – screen where you can put together multiple photos horizontally, vertically or in a
checke red pattern to create one photo.
Animated gif – you can use multiple photos to create one animation.
Print – you can print the photo.
Splitte r – divide a photo into multiple parts.
Screen Capture – capture your screenshot and save it.
Color Picke r – screen for color tone.
Raw Converter – convert RAW to JPG (photos taken with DSLR camera).
Rename – batch rename.
Paper Print – print liner paper, graph paper, music sheet, calendars, and more.

In the left size you can open folder you want to see pictures of it.
Also, you can select multiple photos and delete, print or rotate.
You can rename a photo by clicking on the name.

Right- clicking on the photo y ou can:
– edit the photo;
– see the photo in full screen;
– see a slide show of photos from the selected folder (with effect);
– copy to clipboard;
– set a photo as wallpaper
– rotate;
– flip vertically or horizontally;
– delete;
– rename.

Home submenu contains buttons:
Resize and Rotate
Click on the Editor icon, select the photo you want from the left side then click on the Resize
If you resize the image (for example if you increase the size and then return to original size) it
will lose the quality.
You can rotate the picture with an angle by clicking the Rotate button.
You can rotate 90 degrees clockwise or the opposite arc counterclockwise by clicking the button
Rotate CW or Rotate CCW.

Bright, Color
Adjust the brightness, color, contrast, hue, saturation etc.

You can set the type (normal, deep, bright), level, blur contrast, area for bloom and the shape of this
area (radial, horizontally, vertically).
Make the edges of objects crisper and less fuzzy.
Backlight Correction
Make dark parts bright

You can put different effects to the image:
– Film Effects
– Vignetting
– Antique Photo
– Region
– Linear Gradient
– Graduated Tint (Make the upper side of your photo deeper. Good for landscape – sky
– Fake Tilt-Shift (Make aerial photos of real scenes look like miniature models.)
– Lens Flare
– Fade Style
– Blur
– Texture
– Noise
– Jitter
– Crystallize
– Edge
– Embossing
– Cellophane
– Newsprint

Pictorialization (Colored
Pencil, Watercolor Pencil,
Impressionistic, Pastel, Pen,
Water Painting, Oil Painting,
Pencil, Cartoon, Color
Engraving, Monochrome
Engra ving)
– Distorts (Perspective, Window,
Illusion, Fisheye, Motion Blur,
Zoom Blur, Radial Blur, Wave,
– Glasstile (Double- faced Glasstile, Horizontal Glasstile, Vertical Glasstile)
– Make a box
– Reflection
Object submenu contains buttons:
– Photo – input photos, clipboard images and icons.
– Speech Balloon – input speech balloon.
– Text – input outline and shadow effect words.
– Rich Edit – input various fonts and colors.
– Symbol – select a symbol from symbol (True Type) fonts installed on your computer .
– Line Mode – draw a line. You can draw vertical and horizontal lines by holding down the
shift key and dragging. Draw a line between two dots by holding down the shift key and
– Straight Line Mode – draw a straight line. You can draw vertical and horizontal lines by
holding down the shift key and dragging.
– Box Mode – draw a box. You can draw a square by holding down the shift key and
– Rounding Box Mode – draw a rounded box.
– Circle Mode – draw an ellipse. You can draw a circle by holding do wn the shift key and
– Polygon Mode – draw a polygon.
– Star Mode – draw a star.
– Photo + Objects – combine your photo with objects. If you combine them together, objects
will become a part of your photo.
To draw the shapes you can set the color, thickness and type of lines, if necessary fill color and
Crop submenu contains buttons:
– Crop Mode – you can choose the ratio aspect.
– Crop – select the area you wish to crop.
– Save Croppe d Area
– Crop Round Image – the shape of the cropped area will be elliptical. Default the shape is
Tools submenu contains buttons:
– Screen Scroll
– Red Eye Correction – drag a small box around each eye to remove red eye. Left click the
mouse and drag a small box around the area; release the mouse to complete your selection
and the red eye will be removed.
– Mole Removal – drag a small box around the mole to remove it. Left click the mouse and
drag a small box around the mole; release the mouse to complete your selection and the
mole will be removed.
– Mosaic – apply a mosaic effect to an area by dragging and select that area with your mouse.
Left click the mouse and drag a small box around the area; release the mouse to complete
your selection and a mosaic filter will be applied to that area.
– Paint Brush – to paint. You can choose the color and the thick brush.
– Clone Stamp – allow to duplicate part of an image. Click to select an area in the image and
then click again to clone the area; hold the shift key to clone dimly .

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