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IObit Uninstaller Pro Overview

IObit Uninstaller is a powerful software tool designed to streamline the process of uninstalling programs and applications from your computer. Developed by IObit, a leading software company known for its innovative solutions in system optimization and security, IObit Uninstaller offers a comprehensive and user-friendly approach to efficiently remove unwanted software, bloatware, and stubborn programs that may be challenging to uninstall through conventional means.

One of the standout features of IObit Uninstaller is its ability to perform deep scans and thoroughly clean up residual files and registry entries left behind after an uninstallation. This not only frees up valuable disk space but also contributes to a more stable and optimized system performance. The software also includes a batch uninstallation feature, enabling users to remove multiple programs simultaneously, saving time and effort.

IObit Uninstaller goes beyond the basic functionality of a standard uninstaller, offering additional tools like a software updater to ensure that installed programs are always up to date, and a toolbar remover to eliminate malicious browser extensions. With its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities, IObit Uninstaller stands as a valuable utility for users seeking an efficient and comprehensive solution to manage their software installations and maintain a clutter-free computing environment.

Features of IObit Uninstaller Pro

IObit Uninstaller Pro boasts a range of advanced features that elevate it beyond standard uninstallation tools. Here are some key features:

  • Complete Uninstallation: IObit Uninstaller Pro ensures thorough removal of unwanted programs, including stubborn ones that may resist conventional uninstallation methods.
  • Deep Clean: The software performs a deep scan to detect and eliminate residual files, folders, and registry entries left behind by uninstalled programs, contributing to enhanced system performance.
  • Batch Uninstall: Users can uninstall multiple applications simultaneously, saving time and effort by streamlining the uninstallation process.
  • Software Updater: IObit Uninstaller Pro includes a software updater feature, keeping installed programs up to date with the latest versions to enhance security and access new features.
  • Toolbar Remover: With a specialized tool for browser extensions and toolbars, IObit Uninstaller Pro helps users get rid of potentially unwanted or malicious browser add-ons.
  • File Shredder: For enhanced privacy and security, the File Shredder feature ensures that deleted files are permanently removed from the system, preventing any chance of recovery.
  • Enhanced Scanning Algorithms: The Pro version employs advanced scanning algorithms for more accurate and efficient detection of leftover files and registry entries.
  • Ad-free Experience: IObit Uninstaller Pro offers an ad-free experience, eliminating distractions and providing users with a seamless uninstallation process.

Download IObit Uninstaller Pro for Windows

IObit Uninstaller Pro is available for free, with no further strings attached, through the rapid download services provided by With one click on the “Download Now” button, you can start the Free Download.

IObit Uninstaller Pro

IObit Uninstaller Pro

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  • Please refer to the Readme.txt for installation and usage instructions.
  • Disable anti-virus software and Windows Defender before extracting the files
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