Folx Downloader Pro – Best Internet Download Manager for Mac

By | 23 July, 2021

Folx is the best Best Internet Download Manager for macOS. This is a powerful download manager for Mac OS users similar to IDM on Windows.

With a user-friendly interface, a lot of unnecessary features are cut off, users will easily download files by simply clicking on the links in the web browser and Folx will download them. Folx Downloader, like other download managers, speeds up downloads by dividing files between several different streams, which will improve download speeds much faster.

Features of Folx Downloader Pro

  • Download with Folx instead of web browser

Folx has the ability to split downloaded files into several threads to increase download speed. In addition, users can adjust the download, speed up Folx as well as set priority for downloads by dragging them to the top. Automatically restore downloads when users switch to offline mode, disconnect the network …

  • Automatically send downloaded music and videos to iTunes

All music and video downloads are automatically sent to iTunes and are named as tags for downloads.

  • Download the file attached to the RSS feed

Users can add RSS feeds as well as download attachments to Folx. Folx Pro supports users to automate this process. For example, if you have added an RSS channel to the torrent tracking system and identified the name of your favorite TV program, as soon as there is a new program in the monitoring system, Folx will automatically download it.

  • Find torrents directly from Folx

As a torrent client using Folx PRO, you don’t need to browse through a series of torrent tracking systems to find a specific file, Folx saves the entire URL list of the tracking system, just enter keywords, You can easily find results.

  • Download very fast

Using the Pro version of Folx, it will divide the downloaded content into dozens of threads (the latest version has increased to 20 threads), so the download speed is significantly faster.

  • Smart speed control

In the Pro version, users can go to the “Smart Speed Adjustment” to limit the download and upload speed automatically.

  • Schedule download

The Pro version allows users to schedule a download and exit Folx after the download is completed; When the system is shut down, switch to the Sleeping mode or exit Folx.

Download Folx downloader Pro Version

Folx Pro 5.7.13779

Folx Pro 5.9.13837




Folx Pro _5.15_13938




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