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By | 20 December, 2018

MS Office 2013 is a version of MS Office, a production suite for MS Windows. It is the replacement to MS Office 2010 and the prototype to MS Office 2016. It adds extended file format support, UI updates and support for touch input among its new features.

Microsoft Office Professional 2013 suite of programs provides the tools you need for easy and efficient word processing, presentation planning, spreadsheet creation, database building, and desktop publishing, as well as programs to help you plan, organize your ideas, schedule, and communicate with your contacts.

What’s New in Office 2013?

1. Office on Demand

If you’re connected to the Internet, you can log in to your Office account and use full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher. This is all possible without even installing Office on that computer. Access your files easily from your organisation’s site or a Skydrive.

2. Backstage View

Backstage View is where the Open, Save, Print, Share and program Options are. To access Backstage view, click the File tab on the Ribbon.

3. Getting Started

When creating a new document, instead of just viewing a blank page, you can now choose from several templates. You can also browse from additional templates if you are connected to the Internet.

4. Paste with Live Preview

Preview how pasted contents will look by hovering over the various options on the contextual menu.

5. Improved Picture-Editing Tools

Improved Picture-Editing Tools: There are many new ways to edit pictures and images in documents.

  • Insert screen shots: Take a screen shot or screen clipping, and add it to documents.
  • Improved SmartArt: Add SmartArt that uses photographs.
  • Other tools: New picture editing tools refines the brightness, contrast, or sharpness of a picture; add artistic effects and control cropping and compression

6. New features in excel 2013

Have you ever been frustrated when trying to display data in a chart? Well, several new features have been introduced in Excel 2013 to help you create
relevant and eye-popping charts:

  • Charts simplified: Convert your data into a chart or table in just a few steps using Quick Analysis.
  • Chart recommendations: If you need to insert a chart, select the Recommended Charts button on the ribbon. The window that appears allows you to preview the chart before you select the most suitable one.
  • Formatting your chart: Is easy with the 3 new chart buttons which allows you to pick and preview your changes.
  • Data Labels: On the chart are now richer with more formatting flexibility.
  • Animation: When making changes to the source of your chart data, the changes to the chart are animated which allows you to see how the changes have affected it.

Other new features in Excel 2013 include:

  • Flash fill: Following the pattern, Excel recognises this and displays possible matches to the data that you are entering.
  • Using slicers: When using a table in Excel, you can filter data by making use of slicers. A slicer displays the graphical representation of the filter
    values and once selected, it will filter the table data accordingly.
  • Own window: To assist when working with several workbooks at the same time, each workbook is displayed in its own window.
  • New functions: Several new functions have been added to the Excel function repository.
  • PivotTables: From Recommended PivotTables to PowerView, the PivotTable functionality has also been enhanced to enrich your data analysis.

7. New features in Word 2013

Word has added several new features that enables a richer experience for your reader and a few other features that just make life a bit easier:

  • Read Mode: Select this view when reading a document as it displays the document in easy-to-read columns.
  • Resume Reading: This is an awesome feature that is very useful when reading or working in large documents. Word 2013 remembers on which page you were on, when you closed the document. Reopen the same document and you will see a little prompt, asking you whether you want to
    jump to this page.
  • Online Videos: Do you want to create more interactive documents? Watch an inserted online video without even leaving your document.
  • Expand and Collapse: Sections of your documents can be collapsed, allowing your reader to choose whether they wish to view the expanded contents.
  • Simple Markup: Are reviewing markups cluttering your view? By using the new simple markup view, you will only see an indicator symbol where changes have been made.
  • Comments: Reply to comments or mark them as done to allow for easier collaboration on documents.
  • Open and edit PDF: PDF documents can now be edited in Word 2013!
  • Layout and Alignment guides: View a live preview of your changes as you edit and move pictures in your document. Use the alignment guides to ensure that pictures align with other objects in your document.

8. New features in PowerPoint 2013

Maximize the impact on your presentation by taking advantage of these new features:

  • Presenter View: View your notes on your monitor, zoom in on charts or diagrams on your slides or use the slide navigator to jump to a particular slide.
  • Widescreen: A new 16:9 layout is now available.
  • Line-up and spacing: Smart Guides appear automatically to assist with the alignment of objects such as pictures, shapes and more.
  • Motion Path: A visual representation of where your image will end up makes animation of objects stress-free.
  • Merge shapes: Create a new shape by merging common items.
  • Improved Audio and Video: By supporting additional file formats and allowing background music, the multimedia experience is enhanced.
  • Color matching: Make use of the eyedropper tool to obtain a perfect match on your colors.
  • Comments: Obtain easy access to comments, by making use of the Comments pane.

9. New features in Outlook 2013

Efficiency drives the new features introduced in Outlook 2013:

  • Previewing Messages: In your message list, preview your messages without opening them.
  • Inline replies: Respond quickly to a message, by replying in the Reading Pane.
  • Quick Actions: Commands are displayed and accessible on the message in your reading view.
  • All and Unread buttons: These buttons at the top of your message list allow for easy filtering.
  • Calendar Preview: By hovering over the calendar menu option, a snapshot of your calendar is displayed.
  • People Card: All the information about all your contacts are collated and visible here. You can then schedule a meeting, send an instant message
    or give them a call using their card.
  • Navigation: The introduction of the status bar at the bottom of the screen makes switching between elements easy.
  • Search: Simplified but powerful search options allow you to find what you need, when you need it.
  • Weather: In your Calendar view, your local weather forecast is displayed; a fter all, who wants to attend an outdoor function when it’s raining?

Download office 2013 professianal Plus

  • Office 2013 pro plus 32bit

  • Office 2013 pro plus 64bit

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2013

Copy Paste the MS Office 2013 Product keys below




[New Key2]: 6PMNJ-Q33T3-VJQFJ-23D3H-6XVTX






























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