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By | 1 December, 2022

CCleaner for PC Windows, 32/64-bits is a great tool for getting rid of junk files, trackers, and system flaws that take up space on your hard drive. The powerful tool optimizes your system, fixes bugs and broken settings, and makes it more stable, faster, and easier to use. The tool, which was made by Piriform and has a built-in registry, makes it easy to surf the web by keeping track of your online activities, such as your internet history.

The latest version of CCleaner lets you clean Internet Explorer, Firefox, UC Browser, the Windows registry, and a lot of other third-party apps. The best choice for both beginners and experts is to keep the system in perfect working order.

It’s too new and keeps track of things like your Internet history. It also comes with a full-featured registry cleaner. The world’s most popular PC cleaner, CCleaner, can remove temporary files, optimize and speed up your computer. You can get the offline installer for CCleaner for your computer from our site by clicking on the free download key.

Download CCleaner for windows 6.06.10144

CCleaner features

  • An outstanding utility to free up hard disk space
  • Developed by Piriform
  • Analysis Every Part
  • Boosts up the Speed
  • Best Optimization Tools
  • Secure Surfing Online
  • Flaws Fixer
  • Integrated Uninstaller
  • Integrated Uninstaller
  • Immobilize Unnecessary Programs
  • Customized interface
  • Lightweight
  • Duplicate File Finder Tool
  • Monitoring of System
  • Most Favorite Program

CCleaner Download for PC Analysis Every Part

With a system that looks at a wide area, the tool finds any unnecessary data on your browser, such as temporary internet data, old registry keys, broken settings, cookies, and a lot of other files and things. There are two tabs in this section that let you choose either Windows features or specific apps. Each has a list of parts that need to be cleaned. You can also choose between your current documents, your Internet history, saved passwords, cookies, and previous Windows installations.

Boosts up the PC Speed

The program is simple and easy to use, and it scans all parts of your system quickly, including the recycle bin, temporary internet data, and the clipboard. It also works with a number of other programs, from Adobe tools to Office suites. CCleaner makes it easy to get rid of all kinds of junk.

Best Optimization Tools

The program is the most popular and well known around the world. It has a wide range of tools for optimizing. Just one click, and even beginners will be able to understand it.

Safe Online Surfing

Trackers can see what you’ve done online because they put cookies on your computer. Also, it lets you surf the web anonymously because it has security tools like data erasers that get rid of your saved passwords, cached data, and internet history. And you won’t have to worry about identity theft or any other kind of online fraud.

Flaws Fixer

The CCleaner registry section is made up of system configurations that help to clean up the registry and make sure that the Windows Registry is reliable. It analyzes and checks the registry for a number of system freezes, error messages, and crashes that can be caused by them. The fastest Registry Cleaner finds problems, fixes them, and makes a backup copy of your data before fixing them. Also, you can easily clean up things like missing shared DLLs, ActiveX, Class Issues, outdated software, the order of the start menu, and Windows services.

Integrated Uninstaller

The program has a built-in uninstaller that makes it easy to get rid of apps without leaving any traces. The uninstaller can get rid of items that run when the computer starts up, browser add-ons, and context menu processes. You can look at a list of system restore points to see what they are and also delete them to make more room. You can also remove a whole drive with it.

Immobilize Unnecessary Programs

The software lets you get up and running quickly while keeping all other programs from running in the background.


The easy-to-use interface has tabs for erasing tools on the side panel, and system information is shown in the top part. To find the waste data, just click on the “Scan” button. Then, tap the “Run” button and wait for the screen to clear up quickly. The options are easy to change, so you can get rid of all the extra data, save the cookies you need, clean up the settings, and set up system monitoring. In the process of customizing, there are checkboxes that sometimes need a little bit of work to run.

The CCleaner Lightweight’s newest version

A lightweight app that runs on different configurations and has different features, speeds, and quality. You get a good idea of how the app works quickly and with little use of system resources.

Duplicate File Finder Tool

There are a lot of duplicate files on your system, taking up a lot of space. CCleaner has a tool called “file finder” that lets you find these files and delete them to make more space on your system.

Monitoring of System

Professionals can use CCleaner all the time because it runs the software in the background while closing the browser. The tool will keep looking for harmful things in your system.

Most Favorite Program

CCleaner came out in 2003, and about two million more people have used it since then. Millions of people like CCleaner because it works well, is easy to use, and cleans with just one click. With these features, your system is fast, full of features, and easy for power users to use.

Award-winning PC Optimization

Most people like CCleaner because it helps them make their PCs run better. As it is easy to use and only needs one pat to clean. So, new users can optimize their PCs in just a few minutes and use features that are only available to authorized users.

CCleaner Piriform Quicker Computer

As the computer ages, it collects files and settings that are no longer used. It’s the slowest because of that get-up hard drive space. CCleaner from Piriform gets rid of all the files that aren’t being used and puts them back together faster.

Protected Browsing

Advertisers and websites can keep track of how you use the Internet with the help of cookies that stay on your PC. Download CCleaner Full gets rid of your browser and looks for records and cookies. Because of this, no one will know what you do on the internet and they won’t know who you are.

Fewer Errors & collides

More often, your registry can get messed up by mistakes and settings that aren’t in the right order, which can cause things to crash. The original registry cleaner from CCleaner cleans up this mess to make your PC safer.

Faster Startup

When you turn on your computer, many programs are already running in the background without making a sound. You can get Piriform CCleaner to work or run faster by turning off programs you don’t need.

Compatibility for Windows (7/10/11)

The app works well with all kinds of devices, but it works especially well with all kinds of Windows. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP are the most common operating systems that work well with the app. It also needs both a 32-bit and a 64-bit setup.

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