Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 SP3 64-bit Free Download

3ds Max 2016 Overview

3ds Max 2016 is a professional 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software developed by Autodesk. It was released in 2015 and is part of the Autodesk 3ds Max software series.

One of the main features of 3ds Max 2016 is the ability to create high-quality 3D models for use in games, film, and architectural visualization. The software offers a wide range of modeling tools, including polygon modeling, spline modeling, and NURBS modeling. It also has a powerful UV mapping feature that allows for precise texturing of 3D models.

In addition to modeling, the software offers a comprehensive animation toolset, including keyframe animation, motion capture support, and character rigging. The software also includes a built-in particle system that allows for the creation of realistic simulations of fire, smoke, and other visual effects.

One of the most significant improvements in this version of 3ds Max is the integration of the new Physical Camera, which allows for more realistic lighting and shading effects. The software also features a new text tool that enables users to create 3D text with more flexibility and control.

Overall, 3ds Max 2016 is a powerful and versatile 3D modeling and animation software that is suitable for professional artists and designers. Its wide range of features and tools make it an excellent choice for creating high-quality 3D models and animations for a variety of applications.

Features of 3ds Max 2016

Key features

  • Customizable User Interface: The software’s user interface can be easily customized, allowing users to arrange tools and panels to suit their workflow.
  • Modeling Tools: 3ds Max offers a wide range of modeling tools, including polygon and subdivision surface modeling, spline and NURBS modeling, and more.
  • UV Mapping and Texture Painting: The software includes powerful UV mapping and texture painting tools for creating realistic surfaces and materials.
  • Character Animation Toolkit: 3ds Max includes a robust character animation toolkit that allows for rigging, skinning, and animating characters with advanced tools.
  • Motion Graphics: Includes tools for creating motion graphics such as animated titles, logos, and other graphical elements.
  • Particle Effects: The software includes particle effects tools for creating realistic effects like smoke, fire, and explosions.
  • Rendering Engine: 3ds Max features a powerful rendering engine that produces high-quality still images and animations with realistic lighting, materials, and effects.
  • Integration with Other Autodesk Software: 3ds Max integrates well with other Autodesk software such as Maya and AutoCAD, allowing for a seamless workflow across different stages of production.

New features

  • Physical Camera – This feature allows users to create more realistic lighting and shading effects in their scenes. The camera simulates real-world camera settings, including exposure, shutter speed, and f-stop.
  • Text tool – The new text tool enables users to create 3D text with more control and flexibility. The tool allows for the customization of text with various fonts, styles, and effects.
  • OpenSubdiv Support – 3ds Max 2016 includes support for OpenSubdiv, a technology that enables faster and more efficient subdivision surface modeling.
  • Enhanced ShaderFX – The ShaderFX tool has been updated with new features that allow for easier creation and editing of complex materials.
  • Alembic Support – 3ds Max 2016 now includes support for Alembic, a file format used for the interchange of 3D data between different applications.
  • Max Creation Graph – The Max Creation Graph is a new visual scripting tool that allows for the creation of custom tools and workflows within 3ds Max.
  • Geodesic Voxel and Heatmap Skin – Two new skinning methods have been added to this version. Geodesic Voxel is a method for creating smooth skinning on complex geometry, while Heatmap Skin is a method for skinning based on heatmaps.

System requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 Professional operating system
  • Processor: 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM minimum (8 GB or more recommended)
  • Hard Drive: 6 GB of free disk space for installation
  • Display: 1280×1024 minimum resolution with 24-bit color
  • Graphics Card: 512 MB of video RAM (1 GB or more recommended), with support for Direct3D 10, Direct3D 11, or OpenGL
  • Network: Internet connection for license registration and software activation

Technical Specifications

Read the setup information before you start the free download.

  • Full Name: Autodesk 3ds Max 2016
  • Setup File name:
  • Full Setup Size: 3.68 GB
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
  • Compatible With: 64 Bit (x64)

Download Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 for Windows

Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 is available for free, with no further strings attached, through the rapid download services provided by With one click on the “Download Now” button, you can start the Free Download.

Autodesk 3DS MAX 2016 SP3 (x64) EXT2



  • Whenever a password is required for a packed file, it is always
  • Installation instructions are in the downloaded file
  • Detailed video instructions for installing 3ds Max 2016

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