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By | 26 February, 2022

What is Active File Recovery?

When it comes to recovering lost files as a result of unintentional formatting, deleting, or even hardware crashes, Active File Recovery full crack is a savior that may save your data. This tool is stress-free to use because it has a steering window that is similar to Windows Explorer, a variety of features, and recovery that can be accomplished with the click of a button, and it can recover a wider variety of files than the majority of the file recovery software currently available on the market.

Furthermore, with the help of their Lively Boot Disk software, it is incredibly simple to install, set up, and run, even in unbootable schemes. Among all of that, as well as the software’s effectiveness, this is without a doubt the best software of its kind on the market. Don’t buy this program right away; instead, try the free version and see for yourself. When the data is discovered, just update your form to restore it.

When you use Lively Active File Recovery for Windows, it checks your system for disk drives, and you must then decide what to do with the drivers that have been registered. On the other hand, OnTrack begins with a wizard interface that provides the assistance you may want when you are frightened about missing data.

This program would retrieve statistics following formatting or partition loss, as well as files lost due to formatting, damage, a virus, or directory destruction. It may also be operated from a floppy drive and provides FAT16, FAT32, FAT12, and NTFS storage capacities, although all statistics are overwritten after installation.

The registration key for Active File Recovery gives an Explorer-like border and is easy to use. It searches your disks and allows you to recover deleted files by marking them with a distinct color. Additionally, it may utilize the application to create a disk image of any given drive.

Main features

  • Active File Recovery aids in the recovery of lost data even after the Recycle Bin has been emptied, as well as files erased while passing through the Recycle Bin.
  • Recover files that were mistakenly deleted due to a virus assault, rogue application, or power outage.
  • Recover images destroyed from a USB flash drive or photos lost after formatting a memory card (SD, CompactFlash)
  • Active File Recovery data recovery as a lost, damaged, or formatted partition or hard drive, or hard drive bad sectors.

New features

  • Active File Recovery now includes the ability to define the signature file information: MDF files from Microsoft SQL Server, virtual hard drives (VHDX)
  • Microsoft ReFS 3.x data recovery file system support
  • Improve the ability to restore data from the file system of Linux / Unix JFS and XFS
  • Improve your ability to handle array virtual disk-auto: LVM LDM & Linux
  • Active File Recovery improves the stability of the software while working with the broken drive handle partition
  • ReFS medium-sized industry data recovery, non-standard: 1024, 2048, and 4096 byte
  • Improvement script to create custom signs that a user pattern to search for deleted files based on their signatures

Download Active File Recovery 21.0.2


How to install Active File Recovery with crack

  1. Install it ( run the file FileRecoveryProSetup.exe )
  2. Copy the Crack (Patched) file to the installation folder.
  3. Enjoy!!
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