Ableton Live Suite 10.1 for MAC – Virtual instruments application

By | 29 March, 2021

Ableton Live Suite 10.1 is the world’s most popular computer composer and performer. It provides you with a range of professional music editing tools including a rich library of instruments and sounds to help you compose with a wide range of effects, sounds, loops, and tracks. You can build and compose your own music like a powerful virtual studio.

Ableton Live is a type of music production software commonly referred to as a Digital Audio Workstation or DAW you can purchase three different tiers of Ableton Live: Intro, Standard, and Suite. Ableton Live Suite version does not limit the number of tracks including 10 sets of virtual instruments, 7 sets of effects for MIDI, 34 sets of effects for Audio, 25 sets of sample sounds with a capacity of up to 54GB.

One special thing, Ableton Live 10.1 is integrated Max for Live with 13 instruments inside.

Ableton Live key features

  • Includes 9 instrument groups, such as drama, sampling, analog, digital instruments … along with 41 effects including reps, amps, and kddr …, more than 5000 sounds and 70 GB samples.
  • Connect to controller and keyboard and mapping.
  • Enhance warping and extend real-time.
  • MIDI remote control instantaneous mapping
  • Edit audio but not destroy the original sound.
  • Non-destructive editing and unlimited undo
  • Unlimited musical instruments, sound effects and MIDI effects for each project
  • Support VST and AudioUnit
  • Supported audio formats: WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg-Vorbis, FLAC, REX and more.
  • Support for Serato Scratch Live
  • Audio resolution up to 32 bit / 192 kHz

Top Features in Ableton Live 10.1

  • Live 10 comes with an improved interface with a new font, an updated color palette, the appearance of clips is different in session view and arrangement view, midi notes in the piano roll are now in the color of their midi clip, and live 10 comes with five new themes.
  • In Live’s new file browser you can now search and install new packs and install updates. The new browser also includes a new color feature which lets you set tags for your favorite sounds and clips.
  • Live 10 gives you new export options. You can now export your audio as WAV and MP3 simultaneously. In your audio output config settings, you can also set custom names to your audio outputs.
  • Live 10 now lets you choose between 3 different click sounds. Choose from classic, click, and wood. You can also choose the rhythm of your metronome.
  • Live 10 also includes improvements to the mixer. Right-click on a pan knob to enter split/stereo pan mode, which will now give you more control of your panning.
  • In an arrangement view, you can now move clips using the arrow keys and holding command for finer adjustments. You can also activate and deactivate selected portions of clips.
  • In Live 10 you can create groups within groups. You can also set the color of all the tracks within that group by right-clicking and choosing assign track color to grouped tracks and clips.
  • Live 10 also gives us a handful of new devices and audio-effects. Wavetable is a brand new instrument for Live. It’s a dual oscillator synthesizer with flexible modulation.
  • The utility device also received a few improvements, such as a mono switch, a bass mono switch, and the left and right buttons now invert the input signal instead of the output signal.

Minimum requirements for Ableton Live 10.1 Suite

  • Intel® Mac or AMD with 64-bit Multi-core processor
  • 10.11(El Capitan), 10.12 (macOS Sierra), 10.13 (macOS High Sierra), 10.14 (Mojave) and later
  • 32-bit support can be found in Related Links

Download Ableton Live 10 MacOS

Ableton Live 10.1 (

Ableton Live 10.1.4 (Torrent Link)

Ableton Live 10.1.9 (Torrent Link)

Ableton Live 10 Suite 10.1 for MAC includes a patched version of the installer and a key generator. Using this KeyGen will generate a unique and valid authorization key to activate your Ableton Live 10. You can be using live 10.1 full version without limitation.

How to install and crack Ableton Live 10 Suite Full Mac

Note: Please disconnect your Internet Connection and Antivirus software before installing Ableton Live

1. Uninstall previous versions of Ableton Live (if you have any)

2. Unzip “Ableton Live 10.1”. Recommend using The Unarchiver

3. Install the software by Drag “Ableton Live Suite” to Application folder on your MAC

4. Run Ableton and choose “No Internet on this computer“. Save the Hardware Code on your desktop

5. To run the keygen on Mac, you need a software that can run Windows-based programs on Mac – Recommend using WineBottler

6. Right-click or Ctrl-click “Ableton_KeyGen.exe” and open with Wine. Choose Run directly in …

7. Copy the Hardware Code on step 4 and paste it in the KeyGen. Click “Generate” and save the Authorize.auz

8. There are two ways to activate live 10 Suite;

  • Drag the Ableton License file to your Mac Live 10 Suite


  • Double click the authorization file

9. Open Preferences and turn off Automatic Updates & Send Usage Data

10. Done! Your Ableton Live 10 Suite for Mac is cracked!

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