Microsoft Office 2016 v15.3 for macOS free Download

By | 24 July, 2021

Microsoft Office 2016 for macOS introduction

Microsoft Office 2016 for mac is the latest office suite with many powerful improvements in both features and interface, fully meet the needs of users, compatible on many platforms, including Windows 10.

Microsoft Office 2016 includes applications: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, Visio, Project, Publisher, Skype for Business.

Office 2016 version of Microsoft has improved a lot in both interface and many smart features compared to its predecessor versions of Microsoft Office 2007, Office 2010, and Office 2013 such as: simplifying sharing, working together. on documents and collaborate online easier, connect to other devices like smartphones as well as sync on OneDrive cloud storage, smart data lookup, connect perfectly on Windows 10 platform, …

Office 2016 for mac new features

  • The ribbon:

The ribbon tabs at the top of Excel PowerPoint and Word are better organized than the previous version and they’re very similar to the ones on your Mac reason.

  • Keyboard shortcuts:

Control shortcuts like Ctrl + S for save now work for Mac too and don’t worry if you prefer the command shortcuts like command s those still work.

  • Cloud-connected:

You can open and save documents stored in the cloud, all of your cloud locations are consolidated in the open and save dialog boxes if you need to add a new location

  • Sharing: 

Office for Mac has been designed for teamwork, here’s the new share button now with a few clicks you can invite people to set whether they can edit or not and then share it.

  • Threaded comments and PowerPoint and word

Here’s how they work in Word, click the reply button then type your reply but be sure to check back later because you may not want to miss out on the conversation.

  • The new design tab and PowerPoint

It gives you a great selection of presentation themes and variants pick a theme first then refine it with a variant until you get the exact look you need.

  • Proposed new time

If you haven’t used outlook for Mac in a while, you should know that this handy option is available for exchange accounts, now you can efficiently propose another meeting time that works for you.

  • One note

You get one note when you download and install office 2016 for Mac, it’s great for taking notes and getting organized, but check out this cool feature insert audio. You can record yourself or someone speaking and if you want add a bookmark at important moments.

  • Pivot table slicers in Excel

Click inside a large pivot table on the insert tab click slicer and then choose the fields you want to slice by a slice is a filter.

  • Designed for mac

It supports full-screen view and you can use gestures on your trackpad, spread to zoom in pinch your fingers to zoom out.

Download Microsoft Office 2016 for mac





Microsoft Office 2016 15.35.170610

Microsoft Office 2016 15.36

Microsoft Office 2016 15.37

Microsoft Office 2016 15.38

Microsoft Office 2016 15.39

Download Microsoft Office 2016 v16 for Mac for free

Installation and Crack Instructions MS Office 2016 macOS:

1. Run the installation file, you have all Word, Excel, Powerpoint … or you can choose the application you need to install depending on your needs.

2. After installation is complete. Unzip the file and run the file inside. This file will automatically Crack all the software you have just installed (word, excel, PowerPoint …)


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